Without Jay DeFeo, I probably would not be studying art right now. Her ideas and extended experimentation with media mixture and application forced me to look at art in a completely different way in high school. It influenced me to put down my pencil and look at what other things I could use to make marks. It showed me that art is more than ink on a piece of paper, or paint on a canvas. Art is not simply a visualization. It is a full experience, in the planning, creation, display, and otherwise. Had it not been for this realization, I might have quit trying after high school. I might have focused on English or psychology instead. Had that happened, I would not have been involved with some of the people I have met since studying art, and I definitely would not have been surrounded with the same ideas and experiences that I have had. Without Jay DeFeo, I would not be the same person that I am today.


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    Lovely day with GSPietro in SF and got to see an amazing Jay DeFeo retrospective
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