In Still Life 2001 - 2011 John Baldessari

“In Still Life 2001-2010 invites you to create your own still life by arranging any or all of the 38 objects onscreen.”


launch the build-your-own-17th-century-dutch-still-life app

“John Baldessari created the first In Still Life in 2001 for an exhibition at LACMA. He hung Abraham van Beyeren’s Banquet Still Life on the wall next to an empty frame and invited exhibition visitors to digitally rearrange or remove the 38 objects in the original 17th-century Dutch painting, thus creating a new still life of their own. Visitors were encouraged to print out their still lifes and hang them in the room or take them home. When someone completed a still life using In Still Life, it became his or her own artwork, not John Baldessari’s or Abraham van Beyeren’s artwork.” 

Symbolic meaning of objects here

Previous incarnations of In Still Life via MOCA’s (defunct) digital gallery

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